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What has rich|strange been up to?

Delos Lobby


ChronoQuest Interface


HLN Anchor Quiz


African Elephant Atlas

Office for Creative Research

Lighter World Website

Lighter World

Project Awesome

Rubicon Project

AT&T AdWorks Lab


Membit App & Backend


The Grid




HuffPost Live

The Huffington Post

Gaming SMALLab

Institute of Play


How can rich|strange help you?

interactive installations

Need an interactive wall display, a corporate kiosk, or a museum exhibit? I can help!

web development

Pixel-perfect web apps using React, Angular, Backbone? Real-time data? Animation, WebGL, and video done right? Yes!

game design

Tired of just slapping a timer and a point total on an experience? If you're interested in digging deep into what games can do for your interactive, come talk to me!

mixed reality

So many buzzwords, so much promise, but what can it really do? Come see me to find out!

design for learning

I love working with educators and learners to create educational experiences that are fun, engaging, and fit the curriculum.

backend development

Python, Go, Node.js and almost any other language you can think of. Modular, well-tested code served to your users via AWS, Heroku or any other means.


Who is rich|strange, anyway?

Mike Edwards

founder | lead technologist

Mike Edwards founded rich|strange to help creative teams with challenging design and technology problems. After nearly 20 years in software development, Mike combined his strong engineering practice with his training and experience as a designer. From his days as a full-time faculty member of Parsons The New School for Design up to today, Mike has worked tirelessly on the improving the relationship between humanity and its technology.